Global Pump Investment was founded in 1997 as an investment company, participating in organisations with a strong own product and / or service, that are or aim to be active in a niche market. GPI has developed into an investment company with a strong international character, with an interest in maritime and industry oriented markets.

Vision. GPI has a strong commitment to the optimisation and growth of existing organisations. A distin­ctive mission statement and vision are an important part of the policies used. People, planet and profit are crucial pillars in realising the commonly agreed goals.

Mission. One of GPI’s targets is to enable organisations to grow and excel in niche markets, with passion and innovation. To discover synergy, to make and use connections. Employees of the GPI group feel motivated by this, and feel responsible to optimise business processes to ensure a return on investment of at least 15%.

Organisations that are part of the GPI group are clearly recognisable by their corporate identity.